When’s the Baby Due?

Were you crestfallen at how big your gut was when you left the maternity ward? It’s such a kick in the teeth when someone tactlessly asks, “When’s the baby due?” and you have to admit it’s already out. I wasn’t naive enough to pack my skinny jeans in my hospital bag, but I did expect to be able to come home in a regular pair of sweats rather than needing my maternity pants for another week or so. I had the sneaking suspicion that there was another baby in there, one they hadn’t noticed on all the ultrasounds.

How much does a tummy tuck cost, I wondered? But come on, it wasn’t long ago you couldn’t see your feet over your rotund baby bulge—what did you think was going to happen to that expanse once the baby was out? That it was going to magically snap back into place? Some of the tummy bulge is due to stretched abs and skin, and the only way to tighten up the saggy, flabby, wobbly bits is to tone them up.

When we have very little time and even less energy, knowing the right kind of exercise to do is a huge advantage. Why and how do you think all the celebrity moms get their figures back so quickly? It’s because they have specialist postpartum personal trainers telling them the right way to do things for the best results. We have four layers of abdominal muscles and it is the inner layer of these that holds everything in. When toned, they give you a nice flat tummy. It is important for new moms to work on these transverse abdominis muscles to get a strong core. When exercising, keep it in your head to pull your belly button towards your spine so that your abdomen remains flat. Correct yourself if at any time while you are exercising you notice your stomach bulging out.

Kate Gosselin: before and after...and after

It really isn’t fair, but some moms can work like crazy to achieve a toned stomach and still have an overhang that won’t disappear. Because it is skin: skin that’s lost its twang and has nowhere to go, so it just sits and peeks over the waistband of your jeans.

Wrinkled skin after pregnancy is more common if you had a particularly big bump compared with your normal body size; for a multiple birth, for example—anyone who saw Kate Gosselin’s post-sextuplet stomach knows exactly what I’m talking about. Sadly there is nothing we can do to tone up skin that has lost its elasticity. Any creams you see claiming to help are a waste of money. If you really can’t make friends with your new body part, the only thing to do is take the pretty drastic step of going under the knife for a tummy tuck once you are sure you’ve finished having babies. Of course the price of liposuction and tummy tuck is enough to put most of us off, but if, like Kate, you have your own reality TV show, you may be lucky enough to get the procedure done for free.

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  1. I found that the belly bandit (http://www.bellybandit.com/store/default.aspx) helped, as did another wrap for diastasis – but I started those immediately after birth. Exercises on the transverse abdominis help too. I was initially eyeing tummy tucks too but, while my tummy may never be the same I think I’m too scared for a surgery!

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